symptoms of depression

“Try to be happy” or “It’s just a phase or feeling” are some typical replies when you might tell someone that you are facing depression or been through one and they don’t understand what causes it and therefore they tend to ignore initial symptoms of depression. There is a big gap between people and their understanding of the mental disease. According to a WHO estimation, there are currently around 50 million people that are facing depression, only in India. That is almost 4% of the population of India, which is a huge chunk of the population and it shouldn’t go unchecked and ignored especially due to lack of information regarding this topic.

This topic is not talked about because many of us don’t even believe that it’s an actual mental disease and the person is “just seeking attention”. But, reality could be miles away from the truth. Depression is an increasing epidemic which decreases productivity and innovation which can be a huge loss to the person as well as the nation if its working citizen cannot be at their full productivity.

Considering this, don’t you feel everyone should be aware of this disease (yes! It’s a disease), especially its symptoms which when noticed can help you to save someone’s life? It’s all there right from the very beginning; all we need is a little interest, love, and respect for humanity. By just being attentive and informed, you can actually save someone’s life.

What might become a cause of depression for one, may be normal for some other. Causes of depression can be wide ranging. There is no particular cause of depression as such but there might be a group of causes which when put together can lead to a state of depression. It’s a very tough place to be (only a person suffering from it knows its actual repercussions) but it becomes easy to get past it with the help and support of others.

So friends here are the 6 symptoms of depression which, if present in someone you may know that they might be suffering from it. So stay aware, as it may help you save someone’s life


6 symptoms of depression

1.       Irregular sleep pattern: A person might start having an irregular sleeping pattern where he/she might start oversleeping or in some cases suffer from insomnia. This is a serious indicator of a person that is going through depression or some other mental illness. In this case, a person should definitely consult with a doctor.

2.       Loss of interest in any kind of activities: A person starts losing interest in performing activities that they used to find interesting earlier. They are no longer able to keep themselves occupied in activities and hobbies which they might have liked.

3.       There is a change in appetite: a person’s eating habits change and may become relatively irregular if he/she is suffering from depression. They may start overeating and may have sudden weight gain or may start losing their appetite and have sudden weight loss. In either case, it may point towards depression.

4.       Feeling of worthlessness: A major sign of depression maybe when a person does not feel that he/she has no importance to anyone. A person may not even feel valued by his/her family or close ones. This is a very dangerous feeling because it may lead to the person feeling that if he/she will cease to exist even then nobody will care. A person may usually not talk about this so it is very difficult to find out if someone if feeling so. If you feel like someone maybe feeling so then you should definitely help them find professional help.

symptoms of depression-2

5.       Feeling of emptiness and loneliness: This symptom can also be the cause of depression as when a person is lonely he/she may feel lonely and the feeling of emptiness may set in.

6.       Thoughts /attempting suicide: This can be a key indicator of depression in a person. A person may feel that it may be easier to end their life than feeling depressed. Depression is a serious condition and if not diagnosed on time or properly can be fatal.


If you know someone who is or may be going through depression, Reach Out and look out for these symptoms of depression! Let them know that there is another way out, that they can get better. A lot of people still don’t understand that depression is an actual mental illness and not just a person’s state of mind or they “just need to stay happy”. Don’t tell them that you can feel what they are feeling (unless you have been through it yourself). But listen to them, help them find professional help from a doctor or therapist. Your awareness can help you save someone’s life! So stay aware and listen!


Eat Healthy, Exercise Daily and Stay Happy 


Have you been through depression or know someone who has been through it, write to us [email protected] or comment. We would like to know about your story and help others get through it too! Spread the awareness and remove the taboo surrounding it.




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