There are two types of people, those who get pimples and others who don’t and if you belong to the former category then you must be tired of getting breakouts almost every time, right? You eat a pizza you get PIMPLES, enjoy a car ride with your windows open and again PIMPLES, pamper yourself with a chocolate and your body rewards you with PIMPLES, put on some makeup and boom you’re set to get those tiny yet monstrous PIMPLES. It’s like these pimples are more loyal than your beloved, I mean whatever you do, pimples will be there to bother you (boyfriend doesn’t bother you unless you get unlucky).

But have you ever wondered the reason behind all this loyalty shown by pimples? I mean think about it, there must be some reason behind getting all those monstrous breakouts, be it your eating habits,  makeup routine, traveling routine, skin care routine. How many of you have tried to improve all those habits that you think might actually be the reason behind the breakouts you get? If yes then do they work? Or you just end up with the “ignore it attitude”? Don’t you think it would become a lot easier if you knew the actual reasons for getting pimples on different parts of your body?  So here some reasons related to your health and other factors which might help you to avoid getting breakouts.

Reasons for getting PIMPLES


Reasons for getting pimples-forehead

Forehead:  You must have heard a lot of suggestions to avoid pimples like don’t eat oily and spicy food, chocolates and much more, right? Well! Do these ever work? Especially for those breakouts near chin, cheeks, nose (except for forehead)? Actually, these suggestions don’t work because our digestive system takes care of our forehead’s botheration only and nothing else.  A bad digestive system=breakouts on the forehead and to avoid this, you can lay off fast food especially chips and oily food, eat a balanced diet increase your water intake and sleep at least 7 hours.

Other than this, if you’re in a habit of over thinking and getting stressed easily, you might be exposing your forehead to acne. Yes! It is true. Stress also causes breakout on your forehead. Now you’ve got a pretty good reason to stay calm and relaxed.

When the breakouts continue to bother your forehead, people usually prefer to cover it with hats or cloth. But did you know it only worsens your acne? Pimples on the forehead can be the result of the accessories that you wear a hat, head scarf or anything else because the friction produced by these fabrics can irritate your skin and cause acne.

Not only this, if you’re in a habit of using too much hair care products, you might want to think again because these products clog the pores of your skin and therefore provide a very good platform for acne burst out. So! If your skin is prone to acne then think twice before you expose your skin to hair care products.


Cheeks: Breakouts near your cheeks can be due to the impurities that you inhale. If your work involves being exposed to dust then you might want to take extra care because it not only causes respiratory problems but also makes your cheeks prone to breakouts. More dust you inhale, higher are the chances of getting pimples on your cheeks and more you need to be careful about cleansing your face. To avoid such kind of situation, the best method would to get few air-purifying plants (like Ficus elastica, ivy, spider plant) at your home or working place or you can also get an electronic air purifier.

Acne near cheeks can also be caused by exposing your skin to bacteria so if your cheeks are prone to pimples, you might want to take extra care in cleaning your phones, pillow or any other object that could possibly come in contact with your cheeks.

Be a little bit more careful about cleaning your surroundings and your skin and you’re good to go! You can actually say goodbye to pimples.


T-Zone (area from between your eyebrows down to your nose and chin): With my skin being dry, I don’t have to worry about pimples (usually) but yes, there are times, when I get breakouts as well and it is usually near the T-zone, reason being this is the only part of my face which gets oily during summer. In fact, this area has more oil glands as compared to others parts of our face? Oil on the skin gets mixed with the dead skin cells and clogs the pores thus making the skin more prone to acne. Pimples on your nose can be linked specifically to kidney and liver, therefore, you better watch out the intake of fast food, spicy dishes, red meat and the food items which could be difficult to digest. Eat a balanced diet and increase your intake of green vegetables and you’re good to go.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. After all, drinking water is the Godfather of all acne solutions.

reasons for getting pimples-acne1

Back, Arms and Thighs: For breakouts in these areas, you can blame your hormones because when your hormones decide to betray you, it causes acne in these parts of your body, as one of its side effects. Other than this, if your skin is sensitive and acne prone, you should be extra careful in buying your apparels. Some types of fabrics can irritate your skin and can cause acne or rashes. Other than this, skin care products can be also one of the reasons for breakouts on your body, therefore, you might want to take extra care while buying skin care products.


NOTE: If your skin is extra sensitive and acne prone or if the acne problem gets a bad shape, consult a doctor and get it checked once. Undoubtedly, these reasons for getting pimples will help you to avoid getting acne but you might have some skin problem that probably would need a proper care and attention of a dermatologist.


Now that I’ve listed out the reasons behind getting those monstrous breakouts, you can try your best to avoid them. Instead of crying over getting pimples, you can actually prevent getting them in the first place.

If you like this article, share it with your friends and family and help them to avoid breakouts.

Eat healthy, Exercise daily and Stay happy.

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