How many of us listen to our body’s sexual needs and fulfil it? Almost everyone does but they won’t just admit it. Most of the people either feel ashamed or guilty to do so. What if I tell you there are some really good health benefits of orgasms which will make you comfortable in achieving one? Yep! That’s true. Till now you must have heard arguments against masturbating but today you are going to learn the ways in which it can benefit your body. Both sex and masturbation not only pleases your body but also takes care of it. So next time if you indulge in either of these, feel good and positive about it because here are some of its health benefits.


6 Health benefits of orgasms which will make you wanna “help yourself”!


sleep-health benefits of orgasmsGoodbye Insomnia: Can’t sleep? Why don’t you ask your partner to help you? Or you can indulge in self-pleasure because that actually works to make you fall asleep. Orgasms are known to result in a good quality sleep. This is because the hormones (like oxytocin and Vasopressin ) which are released during an orgasm can actually make your body relaxed. This is the reason for getting sleepy right after sex.

Next time when you’re not able to sleep, let your body have some fun and it will definitely reward you with good sleep! 😉


heart-health benefits of orgasmsOrgasms can make your heart healthy: Did you know those who are sexually active, have fewer chances of getting a heart attack? Nopes I’m not kidding, it’s true! Basically, orgasming is good for your heart because it reduces the stress levels, lowers your blood pressure and makes you feel happy. It also improves your emotional health as well. The logic is simple when you feel happy your heart stays happy and thus there fewer chances of getting heart problems.

Now you got a pretty good reason to have sex or to please yourself. After all, it’s the matter of heart!


pain-health benefits of orgasmsOrgasms can reduce period cramps: Yes! You heard it right. We got a saviour to alleviate period cramps. Did you ever hear that having sex during your period can lower your pain? Well, this is absolutely true. This is because sex results in having orgasms. Basically what happens is when you achieve orgasm, the blood circulation increases helping to relieve the cramps. The muscles of the uterus contracts and during this process a chemical is released in the brain which acts as a natural pain reliever. Next time you experience period cramps, try moving your hand down there. It will not only relieve you from period cramps but also help to cheer your mood, thus less irritation.
It is not limited to period cramps only, it can assuage any pain in general. Orgasming can lighten a headache and back pain as well.
So next time you’re in pain, what would you prefer? Having a painkiller or an orgasm?


woman-health benefits of orgasmsOrgasms can make you look young: What if I tell you that orgasming can make your skin shine, can burn calories and can make you look younger? Yes, it is true. Isn’t it wonderful? I mean look at the benefits plus it’s free and fun.

The logic behind all these wonderful beauty benefits is that the orgasm increases your blood circulation resulting in more blood flow to your skin and organs. Did you ever notice whenever you get involved in any kind of workout, your skin glows? If you did not, be attentive for the next time. It works on the same logic as that of orgasm. The increased blood flow to your skin makes it glow. Orgasm also reduces stress, anxiety and depression which are the main causes of lost youthfulness. This is the reason why orgasming has the power to make you look younger.

Most of you must have heard about the calorie burning power of sex. Well! Did you know sex can burn up to 150 calories and when accompanied by orgasm it can burn up to 250 calories? Yes, this is true my friends, pleasing yourself can make you look hot!


memory-health benefits of orgasmsGood memory: This is one of the really good health benefits of orgasms. Orgasming increases the blood circulation and keeps your memory sharp. It makes sure that the blood reaches to the hypothalamus in the brain (responsible for memory). So next time if your partner makes excuses for bad memory, you know how to improve his/her memory.


slef-love-health benefits of orgasmsOrgasm boosts self-love: It definitely is an effective way to fall in love with yourself. When you start understanding the importance of fulfilling your physical needs, you become more comfortable in your own skin. Having an orgasm can also make you feel like chit chatting and to pour your feelings out. During an orgasm, oxytocin is released (as mentioned above already) which makes your brain calm and relaxed and makes you want to cuddle (hence improving your love life). If you’re not sexually active, having an orgasm by masturbating can really soothe your body and make you feel satisfied sexually. There is nothing wrong with masturbating. You don’t need to rely on others for your happiness and no one knows your body better than you. So don’t feel guilty going down there. Love yourself and your body and in return enjoy these wonderful health benefits of orgasms.


Orgasms are bliss! I mean look at the health benefits they provide. Orgasming is something which works like an addiction, who doesn’t love orgasms? And I am pretty sure after listing out these amazing health benefits of orgasms, I’ve given you more reasons to go Ahhhhhhhhh!!

Talking about such kind of topics is a taboo itself but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, right? I believe the only way to create awareness among people is through talking. So spread this information as much as you can and help us build a better society where people can talk about such these taboo topics freely.
So if you like this article share it with your friends and with your family as well (if you can).


Eat healthy, Exercise daily and Stay happy!


What are your thoughts on this article? What is your reason to please yourself? Share this with someone who doesn’t masturbate or thinks it’s not good and clear their doubts! 😉

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