When we talk about shopping online, big e-commerce giants like Flip kart or Amazon have been dominating the fashion world. Be it clothing or artificial jewellery, they always make their way into the shopping carts. But start-ups are coming up every day with the potential to compete with these big giants. These start-ups not only provide a wider range of options and competitive prices but also focus on giving better customer satisfaction.

Talking about the start-ups with huge potential, Zero Kaata is one of the upcoming start-ups with great potential in the locale of artificial jewellery. Zero Kaata as the name suggests offers you out of the box and appealing bundles of joy to adorn the beautiful you. The dedication of its team can be seen in the way they have set up their website layout made to be easy to us. You can find a lot of categories dedicated entirely for artificial jewellery that will only make you want more. They offer you best quality products at the best price. With easy return policy, Zero Kaata focuses completely on customer satisfaction.

So here are 5 Zero Kaata earrings from its VINTAGE COLLECTION (under Rs. 500) that you ought to have in your jewellery collection. All these earrings are hand made.


Elephant Charm Guitar Pick Earrings:artificial jewellery-zero kaata earrings

These earrings are quite the eye candy. The color itself is so vibrant. The harmonious combination of turquoise and golden colors paints these earrings with a flattering look. Carved into beautiful elephant design, these earrings make you look confident. Wood in the triangular shape with alloy metal imparts these earrings an exceptional look. These can go well with any attire. Adding them to your collection will only enhance it

What are you waiting for? Sway the world with these charming Zero Kaata earrings just at Rs. 349.00 You’re just a click away from making them yours by clicking here.


Teal Charm Tassel Earrings:artificial jewellery-zero kaata earrings

Charm everyone by showing your fun and vibrant side with these earrings. Be it maxi dresses, off shoulders, casual tops or even traditional wear, these danglers can perfectly blend in with every style of yours. These stunning Zero Kaata earrings are perfect for gifting as well. You can buy these for your loved one for just Rs. 229.00. Make them feel special by gifting them these earrings. It suits your pocket as well.

So, go ahead and make these awesome zero kaata earrings yours by clicking here 


Ethnic Dangling Pom Pom Earrings:artificial jewellery-zero kaata earrings

These handmade ethnic earrings are perfect to start your day. They not only shine out the ethnic aspect of your personality but also provide a charismatic charm to it. You can pair it with traditional as well as western look. They will work well with any form of casual wear. Kurtis, casual tops, dresses or even jeans, these earrings can add charm to the every outfit you wear. After all, Earrings make your attire complete and charming and they are friendly to your pocket as well. You can make these beautiful earrings yours for just Rs. 349.

To add these to your collection you can click here:


Red and Black Onyx Hanging Earrings:artificial jewellery-zero kaata earrings

If you have the love for the black and red combo, these earrings are the perfect for you. These handmade hangings will make you look bold and confident by adding the sassy charm to your personality. The silver toned look paired with black and red color looks sexy, yet sophisticated. These earrings are wardrobe as well as ears friendly. They are light weight therefore very comfortable to use.
Add these lovely earrings from Zero Kaata to your collection for just Rs.149.00 and pamper yourself.

Buy them here


Pearl Drop Brass Earrings:

These beautiful earrings are perfect to wear with your casual attire. These handmade pearl earrings are simple yet stunning. The pearls used in them make these earrings look very elegant and attractive. I mean who doesn’t love pearls? Also, if you prioritize comfort, these earrings are perfect for you.artificial jewellery-zero kaata earrings

If you like these earrings you can find them here for just Rs. 175.00. Buying these beautiful earrings at such an affordable price would be the wisest choice. Also, these are the best option for gifting as well. Who doesn’t want to gift a classy pair of earrings at such an affordable price?  So girls ask your boyfriend to buy these for you. I am pretty sure they won’t say no once they here the price.

Buy them here




On Signing up with Zero Kaata, you will get an additional 20% discount on their collection of artificial jewellery.

What are you waiting for? Click on the links given above and make these beautiful Zero Kaata earrings yours because life is too short to wear boring earrings.

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