friends-1What is the one thing that you cannot live without? Food, Travelling, Gossiping, Dancing, Shopping or it could be some other thing? All of you would answer this question in different answers because choices and priorities are different for different people. But don’t you feel all of these activities get so boring and tedious if you have to do them alone?  But if you have a good company (that too of your best friend) everything becomes fun, isn’t it? With late night conversations, handling your drunk version, video calls and tagging in memes, life seems easy and everything seems to fall perfectly in its desired place.

Life seems useless without a friend, right? Friends make your life interesting, happy, provide you with a shoulder to cry on, help you get through your difficult times and much more. I believe the importance of a friend cannot be explained in words yet I am trying to give you 4 healthy reasons for which you should be thankful to your friends.

4 healthy reasons for which you should be thankful to your friends

Friends are the perfect stress busters: Whom do you turn into when you are under stress? Best friend right? Isn’t it wonderful to have someone who can literally blow away your stress? Be it a breakup, family issues or work related problems, everything feels better once you talk to your friend about it. Did you ever wonder the reason for this sudden relief you feel with your best friend around? There is a scientific explanation for this.

Under stress, your body produces a hormone called cortisol and its concentration actually reduces when you have someone around you with whom you can share your problems and no one can do this task better than a best friend. He/she not only listen to it patiently but also tries to pull you out from your doldrums! I guess that is why they are called “BEST FRIENDS”.

Friends provide us with the reality check: Friends are never really afraid to speak out their mind. It can be irritating at times, you don’t want to listen to it because you’re happy in your dream world, but it is needed to keep you in line. From making you realise that you deserve a better guy to criticizing your selfie, your BFF helps you to accept the way you’re.

This feeling of acceptance actually builds a good platform where you learn to love and appreciate yourself which ultimately leads to the outburst of happy vibes. Yeah! That’s right! Your best friend keeps you healthy, happy and in line with reality.

Friends take good care of our heart: I mean it, both emotionally and physically (health wise). Friends undoubtedly make it comfortable to pick up the pieces if your heart gets shattered, they make you laugh (mine makes me step into a non-stoppable laughing loop), entertain you, go shopping with you, travelling, partying and much more. In short, they make you happy. Isn’t it?

Well! Did you know by doing these things, they are actually reducing your risk of getting a heart attack? Not only this, friends also help to maintain your blood pressure. When you feel connected to someone, your body produces oxytocin (produced during breast feeding and childbirth as well) which protects your cardiovascular system and regulates your blood pressure.

See I’m not saying that you won’t have any heart problem if you have good friends, there can be many reasons to have a heart problem but having good friends would probably lower its chances.


Friends save you from the darkness of isolation: Did you know a person can die from loneliness? Not only this, isolation can literally cause health as well as psychological issues. People who feel desolated have greater chances of having dementia (a situation where at least two function of the brain gets impaired resulting in problems like loss of memory and judgement), decreases brain’s efficiency and can cause sleeping disorders as well. Loneliness increases the production of cortisol (stress hormone) and increases blood pressure as well thus pushing your heart in the danger zone.

Isn’t it a relief to know that you have someone who can save you from all of this? Phewww! We really owe a lot to our friends. They are really important for our survival.

So! Guys I’ve just listed out four major health reasons for which you should be thankful to your friends. After all, friends are our soul to our life!

Cherish the amazing and beautiful bond of FRIENDSHIP and let your weirdos know that you’re thankful to them.

If you like this article share it with your family and friends (most importantly) and let them realise that you value them.

Eat healthy, Exercise daily and Stay happy


What is your reason to thank your friend?

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